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About Pillow

Memory foam pillows are in high demand in the market. Thanks to the use of the latest technology, they can take the shape of an object with maximum accuracy, keeping it in the correct position for much longer. The main material is a specialized foam consisting of a large number of porous cells. Under the influence of the heat of our body, the foam becomes soft, envelops and creates a perfectly even position of the back and neck. This guarantees the most sound and healthy sleep, helps to get rid of snoring, insomnia and other unpleasant moments. Despite the huge selection of such products on the market, choosing the most suitable model of an orthopedic pillow can be a serious challenge for you. In this review, we want to talk about the main bestseller of recent months - Derila Anti Snore Pillows for Sleeping. We have collected and processed a large amount of information (reviews, specifications, expert opinion) and will present you with a detailed report on the main advantages and disadvantages of this model.

Derila description: Standard size (19.7" x 11.8" x 3.9") ergonomic pillow made from polyester and memory foam. The comfortable butterfly shape allows you to choose your favorite sleeping position - side, stomach or back. The unique breathable shell with a cooling effect ensures maximum comfort during sleep. This model gained great popularity due to the ability to maintain a perfectly even anatomical shape of the head, spine and neck. Experts note that this technology makes it possible to fall asleep faster, helps the body to relax and feel rested in the morning. If you prefer comfort while sleeping, this is your choice.

Compared with competitors Derila Memory Foam Pillow has a number of advantages. Many buyers claim that this model allowed them to get rid of snoring, headaches, feeling of stiffness in the movement of the neck in the morning. This will be a good solution for people who like to sleep on their stomach or on their side, suffer from insomnia or frequent nighttime awakenings. Convenient shape, light weight and dimensions allow you to take the pillow with you on a trip, on a plane, in a car or on vacation. The hypoallergenic basis of the fabric and filler does not call for an allergic reaction of the body, it is protected from dust mites and bacteria. Make sure this unique item is right for you. Look for opportunities to order this pillow and evaluate its effectiveness. You will be able to ensure healthy and long sleep, which will help you avoid many health problems.

Using this smart pillow, you can reduce the load on the cervical spine and improve the circulation of the whole body while you sleep. No more overexertion and occlusion of blood vessels, back and shoulder pain, heavy awakenings and chronic fatigue.

6 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Pillow

Neck Pain

Neck stiffness, inflammation.


Most often occurs in the lower back or thoracic spine.


Headaches can be caused by an uncomfortable pillow.


Down and other fillers cause allergies. This is an excuse to change your pillow.


Incorrect position of the body and head cause snoring.


Due to an uncomfortable position, you cannot fall asleep quickly.

Derila Orthopedic Pillow Benefits


Derila Ergonomic Neck Support Pillow adapts to the individual characteristics of your anatomy.


The pillow is made of high quality polyester and premium foam. Does not absorb odor or sweat.


The butterfly shape is suitable for choosing the most comfortable sleeping position whatever your preference.


The developers of this model managed to create an optimal pillow height to keep the neck and head perfectly aligned.


If you or your relatives suffer from snoring, be sure to take the opportunity Derila order. It really works!


A versatile and effective model suitable for eliminating pain in the neck, back, shoulders, thoracic spine.

How Does It Work?

The secret to a good and sound sleep is the correct position of your body. By using a memory foam pillow, you create the ideal conditions for this. Soft foam filler exactly repeats all the curves of the cervical spine, taking into account the individual characteristics of the shape and weight. This allows you to get rid of muscle clamps, normalizes breathing and blood circulation from the brain and oxygen saturation. Many users who have already managed Derila buy in USA note real improvements in the quality of sleep after the first application. The pillow allows you to get rid of the feeling of fatigue and lethargy in the morning, provides a more effective recovery of all organs and processes in the body, and also helps to relieve chronic pain in the neck and back. In this case, a patented technology is used, which has no analogues on the market.


1. Will It Improve My Sleep?

Yes, the model Derila USA cooling cover was created just for this. With its help, you can get rid of the main cause of poor sleep - the wrong position of the head and neck. This will make it possible to fall asleep faster, not wake up at night and feel cheerful after waking up in the morning.

2. Is It Safe For My Health?

All materials from which the pillow is made are 100% quality and safe to use for people and the environment. The breathable foam and fabric of this product do not create a greenhouse effect, do not provoke sweating. On the contrary, the soft cooling effect of the pillow on the surface of the skin makes contact more comfortable and pleasant.

3. Can I Take This Pillow On a Trip?

Yes, that would be a great idea. If you are traveling for a long time by plane, car or transport, do not miss the chance to order Derila delivery and take it with you. Her products are only 1.65 pounds, so you can easily put her in your luggage. It should also be noted that compared to other analogues, this model really has many advantages.

4. Is There a User Manual in The Box?

Yes, Derila manual can be found inside the package. Read the directions for use carefully to get the best results. The unique pillow fully complies with the beneficial properties declared by the manufacturer. Each of you will be able to see the real benefits of this element of your bedroom.

5. Where Can I Buy This Pillow?

At the moment, the sale of the original model is carried out only in the official online store. We will leave a link to it at the bottom of the page to save you time searching. The key advantage of this pillow is its ability to ensure normal blood circulation during sleep and prevent pain.

6. How Much Does it Cost?

Derila price may vary depending on the number of units selected. If you want to order a complete set for all family members, you can get an additional discount. For more information about this, check the seller's website.


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